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Zakłady Ceramiczne „BOLESŁAWIEC”

Zakłady Ceramiczne „BOLESŁAWIEC” Sp. z o.o. was opened in 1946 in the back-up facilities of the pre-war Reinhold & Co. factory situated in Górne Młyny Street. A Kraków-based artist-potter, Professor Tadeusz Szafran, contributed to launching production in the complex. The factory operated as part of the Bolesławiec Pottery and Ceramics, and in 1964, was incorporated into the Bolesławiec Heavy industry Ceramics Plant. In 1980, Zakłady Ceramiczne „Bolesławiec” emerged from the structure. Currently, the production plant is situated at 11 Kościuszki Street and employs 463 people. Wiesław Ogrodnik is serving as the CEO and President of the Management Board. The company offers more than 1000 vessel shape patterns, including approximately 800 in current production. 40 new forms are designed every year.

One of the people who, undoubtedly, had the largest impact on the development of the company’s current pattern design is Janina Bany-Kozłowska. Since 1974, she worked as the chief designer and author of the majority of patterns offered today. Another author of modern and very popular forms is Barbara Kozłowska-Trojnar.

The product assortment manufactured today comprises primarily kitchen utensils, such as cups, mugs, kettles, jugs, plates and small plates, bowls and salad bowls. Furthermore, the company produces interior décor elements, such as vases, clocks or figurines. Other kitchen utensils, such as breadboxes, containers, cutting boards. The “Alicja” coffee and tea set and the “Alicja” dinner set, as well as various platter and bowl sets are the highlights of the company.

The decorations are designed and developed by the ornament designers from the pattern design department headed by Danuta Amborska. The current offer includes a total of 1800 classic decorative patterns, improved-standard patterns, unique patterns and exclusive patterns. In the course of a single year, from 100 to 150 new pattern proposals are developed. These are various compositions, from very simple, traditional arrangements, such as: peacock eyes, dots and dashes, to complex flower decorations and elaborate motifs. Cobalt is the dominating hint, as it is traditionally associated with the Bolesławiec ceramics. However, the decorations applied also include other colours, such as muted brown and green hints, black, as well as outstanding red, yellow or orange hints. The latest decoration proposals include hints of white, which is used to produce more contrasting juxtapositions with other colours. A part of the colours is covered with single-colour glaze or selected glaze compositions. Pattern 166A, featuring a punch-die cobalt decoration with a circle and flower motif, is characteristic for the company. Furthermore, punch-die DU60 patterned vessels maintained in green hints are also very popular. In turn, in the group of artistic decorations, pattern no. Art149 with brush-painted flower and butterfly motifs is the top-seller.

The company’s kitchenware is exported to such European countries as Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia, Ireland and Slovakia, as well as to Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand, and to Asia, i.e. to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Kazakhstan.

The Bolesławiec kitchenware is widely recognised, as confirmed by its numerous awards and distinctions:

– the “Pattern of the Year 1983”, award of the “Minex” Foreign Trade Centre at the International Poznań Fair in 1983

– 1st award of the Association of Pottery Manufacturers, Wałbrzych 1983 and 1985

– 2nd award at the National Biennale of Artistic Pottery, Wałbrzych, 1987

– Silver Cross of Merit for designer Janina Bany-Kozłowska, 1986

– diploma at the 5th International Triennale of Pottery in Sopot, 1991

– “1996 Pattern of the Year”, award of the Minister of the Economy, 1997

– Golden Metal of the “Domexpo” International Poznan Fair 1996, 1999

– “Good Pattern”, Institution of Industrial Pettern Design, Warsaw, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005

– honourable mention in the National Survey of Słowo Polskie Readers – “Polskie jest dobre”, Wrocław

– Lower Silesian Key to Success for Zakłady Ceramiczne „Bolesławiec” – the best Lower Silesian production company employing more than 250 people, 2002

– “Hit of the Audience” – “Polagra-Farm” fair, Poznań, 2014 – for ceramic pots and a collection of flower pots, 2004

– “2015 Consumer Laurel” for “Tableware”, 2005

– “Good Pattern”, Institute of Industrial Pattern Design for the “Ptak” all-day set featuring the DU60 decorative pattern, 2005

– “Hit Polish Product 2005”, Polish American Chamber of Commerce in Chicago, 2005

– Award for the best product presented at the 11th Kraków Construction Exhibition, Fall 2012, for the tabletop ceramic washbasin, Kraków, 2012

– The best EuroGastro 2013 product at the 17th edition of the International Gastronomy Fair, award for the set of ceramic pots, pizza plates, the tea set, Warsaw, 2013

– Honourable award of the President of the City of Bolesławiec for the promotion of the city for designer Janina Bany-Kozłowska, 2014

– Silver “Gloria Artis” Medal of Merit in Culture for designer Janina Bany-Kozłowska, awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, 2015

– The title of Honorary Citizen of the City Bolesławiec for designer Janina Bany-Kozłowska, 2015

– Honourable Mention at the StandOUT for the most interesting stand – the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, 2016

– the EAGLE OF EXPORT in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in the Export Product category, as well as the EXPORT PERSONALITY award, Wrocław, 2016.

The products of the company are praised for their quality and pattern design. The Zakłady Ceramiczne „Bolesławiec” was presented at numerous exhibitions organised in museums, galleries and institutions in Poland and abroad, such as the Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, the Museum of Ceramics in Bolesławiec, the Museum of the History of Katowice, the Museum in Łowicz, the District Museum in Sieradz, the Museum of Sports and Tourism in Karpacz, the Upper Silesian Museum in Bytom, the Museum of the History of Industry in Opatówek, the Museum of the Puck Area in Puck, BWA Jelenia Góra and Poznań, the Institute of Industrial Pattern Design in Warsaw, the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the “Design” Gallery in Wrocław, the Bolesławiec Culture Centre – the International Ceramics Centre in Bolesławiec, the Peasant House in Warsaw, the Museum of Ceramics in Bornholm, the Museum of the Karkonosze National Park in Vrchlabi, the “Arsenal of Arts” in Kiev, Polish Information and Culture Centres in Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, Karlove Vary, Budapest, Dresden and Sofia, the Polish Institute in Vienna and Paris, and during exhibitions held in Gdańsk, Sopot, Olsztyn, Poznań, Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and Oreshak (Bulgaria).

The company presented its products at numerous fairs and exhibitions. Since 1993, the company has been exhibiting at the Ambiente Fair in Frankfurt, since 1994 – at the Bolesławiec Ceramics Days, and since 2001 – twice a year, at the ceramics fairs in Serock and Zakopane. Furthermore, Zakłady Ceramiczne „Bolesławiec” took part in: the 1973 “Takon” Poznań Fair, the International Housewares Show in Tokyo (1999), the Tendence Fair in Frankfurt (2001, 2002, 2003), the Crafts Fair in Zagreb (2001, 2009), the Maison et Objet Fair in Paris (2001), the Spoga-Gafa Fair in Cologne (2002, 2003, 2004, 2011), the Creative Fair in Salzburg (2003), the Sources Fair in New York (2003), the Macef Fair in Milan, the Cadeaux Fair in Leipzig (2004, 2008), the Polish Business Days Fair in Miami (2004), the Glass and Ceramics Market in Mikołajki (2008), the Moddom, Luxdom Fairs in Bratislava (2008), the Cadeaux Fair in Leipzig (2008), the Ambiente Fair in Kiev (2008), the Gastro Fair in Vienna (2009), the HORECA Gastronomy Fair in Krakow (2009), the For Habitat Fair in Prague (2010), the BNV Fair in Budapest (2010), the POGA Fair in Cologne (2011), the Household Expo Fair in Moscow (2011), the Christmasworld Fair in Frankfurt (2012), the EuroGastro Gastronomy Fair in Warsaw (2013 and 2014), the Milan Expo (2015), the Tourism Fair in Wrocław (2016) and the Market Tour Tourism Fair in Szczecin (2016).

The company also offers body ornaments (“ZDOBINKA”), i.e. company decorations and patterns applied on human skin. Body painting makes an interesting attraction of outdoor events, e.g. during the Bolesławiec Ceramics Days, when hundreds of people are decorated with Bolesławiec ornaments.

Zakłady Ceramiczne „BOLESŁAWIEC” products are frequently used as set design elements and props in TV shows and series. Ceramic form patterns are included in the collections of National Museums in Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław, the Bolesławiec Museum of Ceramics, the Regional Museum in Sanok, the Art Centre – the Książ Castle, the Keramikmuseum Westerwald in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

The company belongs to the Bolesławiec Pottery Brotherhood.