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Osiecznica Commune

Promotion of tourist attractions in the cross-border area of ​​the Bolesławiec and Bautzen

The commune has about 7,000 people living in 11 rural settlements. The Kwisa River flows through the commune’s area, and it has preserved its natural character, high-purity waters and diverse flora and fauna.

Already in the early medieval period, the commune had its first town, which was located near Ołobok. In 800 AD there was a pagan temple in Ołobok in the honour of God who was called Milog. This place was a place of worship of the Slavs. In 1297, a castle was built in Kliczków, which became the property of the prince of Świdnica and Jawor – Bolek I. There was a library in the castle, which had one of the largest collections in Silesia, amounting to 30,000 books. The last owner of the castle before the outbreak of World War II was the son of Fryderyk Herman Jan Jerzy, Count Solms-Baruth. The castle was not damaged by war, however, in 1945 it became a victim of looting by the Soviet army. In 1999, a decision was made to rebuild the building and adapt it for conference and recreation purposes. Currently, the castle is the only one with such a standard and spectrum of centre services in the poviat. Moreover, outdoor events are organized on the territory of the estate, including May Picnic and St. Hubert’s Day Celebrations.

In the 19th century, the commune was characterized by a high level of industrialization due to a poor quality of soils. There was, among others, a paper mill, a building paper factory and the first faience plant, transformed into a factory producing porcelain in 1865, and one paint shop. From the 19th century to the present day, steam production has been the most popular here.

Urząd Gminy
ul. Lubańska 43, 59-724 Osiecznica
e-mail: info@osiecznica.pl
tel. 075 731 21 07, 075 731 21 11, fax 075 731 21 48

Kliczków Castle
Church dedicated to the Adoration of the Magi in Kliczków
The organ in the parish church dedicated to St. Antoni Padewski in Parowa
Observation platform in Osiecznica and a lookout tower in Kliczków
Indoor swimming pool in Osiecznica
Skate-Marathon in Bory Dolnośląskie