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Nowogrodziec commune

Nowogrodziec is a commune rich in a beautiful tradition associated with pottery, folklore and folk culture. It is located in the north-western part of the Lower Silesia Province, on the border of the Izerskie Foothills and Lower Silesian Forests. It covers an area of ​​176.3 km2, including 16.2 km2 in the city, and administratively it consists of the city of Nowogrodziec and 12 rural town: Czerna, Gierałtowa, Godzieszowa, Gościszowa, Kierżna, Milikowa, Nowa Wieś, Parzyce, Wykroty, Zabłocie, Zagajnik and Zebrzydowa.

The commune is characterized by large resources of useful minerals and a diversity of mineral resources. The most important for the economy is clayey raw material as clay of precious ceramics, stoneware, fireproof and clay ceramics. Based on these raw materials, the mining and processing industry of ceramic raw materials and building materials has developed.

The Nowogrodziec commune has many tourist attractions, providing residents and visitors with excellent conditions for active leisure, recreation and relaxation:

– varied terrain, including landscape values,

– vast forest areas,

– the Kwisa River’s water resources,

– rural parks,

– numerous historical buildings,

– diversity and cultural richness,

– hiking trails, bicycle and horse trails,

– Educational and Cultural Tourist Information Point in Nowogrodziec,

– the official website

– climatic conditions that favour tourism,

– regular cultural events, folklore festivals and culinary traditions:

The International Music Festival known as “Music at Józef Ignacy Schnabel” – initiated in 2008, one of the most important musical events in Lower Silesia. The festival aims at promoting the life and work of Józef Ignacy Schnabel, a German composer, pedagogue and organizer of the musical life in Wrocław, born in Nowogrodziec on 24 May, 1767. The aim of the Festival is to return to the city’s rich musical traditions, through which the city opens both to performers of a European reputation and invites a wide group of local and incoming viewers to participate. As an open artistic event the festival is addressed to all age groups.

The Days of the Commune and Town of Nowogrodziec under the name “Garcarski Fair” – The most perfect cuisines in the world.

Referring to the history and tradition associated with pottery and the cultural heritage of settlers, every year during the event there are presented individual villages of the commune, bringing closer their values, traditions, culture, folklore, old trades, folk and artistic crafts, culinary traditions and healthy food.

Pečenica “From Yugoslavia to Poland” – an annual festival of folklore and culinary traditions.  The roast pig feast takes place in Gościszów, almost entirely inhabited by re-emigrants from the former Yugoslavia. They are the descendants of Poles who left Galicia and went to Bosnia to look for a better life. After World War II, they returned to Poland and settled in Lower Silesia. They brought and cultivate traditions and rituals, which are a combination of customs originating from Galicia and traditions taken over during their life in Bosnia. One of the manifestations of this tradition is Pečenica. This dish was prepared only for special occasions, mainly for important family celebrations.

Today, re-emigrants and their descendants who carefully cultivate their traditions, which are a combination of the Polish and Balkan cultures, share their experiences during Pečenica.

Millen’s ceramics is unique artistic ceramics, referring to the rich tradition of the pottery commune of Nowogrodziec. Millen’s ceramics is unforgettable meetings with the culture, art and history of the Nowogrodziec land. Ceramics painting workshops are especially popular among tourists – the opportunity to see what the work on making ceramics looks like and learn how to paint on ceramic products “live” is really interesting. The workshops are interesting and very effective. As a result of the training, hand-painted works and ceramic products are made – unique ones that after baking are returned to their creators.

Horse-riding agritourism – Brzozowe Wzgórze

Horse-riding in the Nowogrodziec Commune is becoming more and more popular. Tourists are eager to visit the stud of Mr. Leopold Wołoszyn, who runs agritourism in a charming corner of the Nowogrodziec Commune known as “Brzozowe Wzgórze”. Natural values, horse-riding lessons, hiking trails, fishing… all this combined with delicious home-made food is of great interest for tourists who love to visit the agritourism buildings in the Nowogrodziec Commune, namely “Brzozowe Wzgórze”.

Urząd Miejski Nowogrodziec
Rynek 1, 59-730 Nowogrodziec
tel. 075 738 0660, fax 075 731 64 16

Parish church dedicated to St. Apostles Peter and Paul
Ruins of the St. Mary Magdalene Holy Monastery
The Town Hall in Nowogrodziec
Saxon Post pillar
Ruins of the castle in Gościszów
Church dedicated to Our Lady of Częstochowa in Gościszów