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„Manufaktura” Sp. J. Smoleński&Zwierz Stoneware Factory was created in 1992. The company is represented by Barbara Smoleńska, Małgorzata Smoleńska-Szewczyk, Janusz Zwierz, and Paweł Zwierz as equal partners. At present, the workshop employs 230 people. The company offers around 700 types of forms and decorations. The company manufactures its products using a traditional technology. Items are hand-made by way of stamped method. Nevertheless, the company is open to new decoration elements, combining classic patterns with a modern design. The company co-operates with esteemed artists and ceramists: Magdalena Gazur, Dorota Koziara, and Oskar Zięta. Blue line, KolorLove, the 60s, the Renaissance are widely recognised patterns. In the factory, you may visit its production line – the Vivid Ceramics Museum.

The company’s products are exported to: the USA, South Korea, Japan, and European countries. „Manufaktura” presented its products as part of numerous international fairs and competitions, and received numerous distinctions, such as: Entrepreneur of the Year 2004, in a plebiscite organised by Economy Association in Bolesław; an award granted in Innovation 2005 – a competition organised by Euroregion Neisse-Nisa-Nysa – in Best Innovation category; „Good Pattern” distinction in 2005, as part of the competition organised by the Institute of Industrial Design; Market Individuality – Merkury 2007, in the category „Company””; Business Gazelle of the Year 2014 and 2015. Moreover, the Company is the prizewinner of Must Have 2013 and 2016, a plebiscite organised as part of Łódź Design Festival, in the category „household ceramics”, and an honourable mention of the President of Bolesławiec, for town promotion.In 2015, the company presented its products in Polish Pavilion, during the Polish Pavilion Expo 2015 in Milan, and on La Magnifica Forma – an exhibition presented as part of the HOMI Milano 2015 fairs. „The Renaissance” collection was produced in the workshop as a new interpretation of traditions, and in 2015, it qualified, for the first time in the history of Bolesławiec, for a special distinction as the Trend-Setting Product on „The Trends presentation”, as part of the 2016 Ambiente International Fair in Frankfurt. This resulted in yet another award for the best design WantedDesign, Manhattan. The Company is a member of the Bolesławiec Pottery Brotherhood.