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Gromadka commune

Promotion of tourist attractions in the cross-border area of ​​the Bolesławiec and Bautzen communes

The Gromadka Commune consists of eleven rural administration units inhabited by nearly six thousand people. The largest natural richness of the commune is forests that occupy approximately 60% of the area. The location of the Przemków Landscape Park in the commune area favours the development of hiking and cycling tourism, as well as the forest undergrowth.

The commune is inhabited by representatives of four cultures – Polish, Balkan, Borderland and Ukrainian – who – while living with each other on a daily basis – cultivate and respect their own heritage. Every year in June, the Four Cultures Meeting is organized, which aims at preserving and popularizing the local folklore.

Urząd Gminy Gromadka
ul. gen. Wł. Sikorskiego 9, 59-706 Gromadka
tel. 075 738 24 52 075 738 24 53, fax 075 738 24 72

Our Lady of the Rosary’s Church in Modła
Subsidiary church dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wierzbowa
Parish church dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul in Osła
Church in Gromadka


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