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Ceramika TYRCZ

Ceramika TYRCZ was established in 1999. The founders are Bogusław and Alina Tyrcz.

Our company is a fully family enterprise. It all began with a very small plant occupying a small room, in which there were several forms and a small stove. Over the years and the growing interest in ceramic products, the company has grown to a slightly larger scale. In 2001, we opened the first factory store in Bolesławiec in 2004, we moved the store to our new location. It is now the Ceramics Center where many other producers of Bolesławiec ceramics also have their sales points.

In 2016, the entire production line was modernized and expanded and from this year is in a new location at 24 Kościuszki Street in Bolesławiec. From the beginning, our family was very fascinated with the production of original Bolesławiec ceramics, so our work became our passion.

Popularization of the city of Bolesławiec and the entire Lower Silesia region is a very important part of our company. Ceramika Tyrcz annually presents its products at the Festival of Ceramics, which always takes place in the second half of August. The event has grown into the largest festival of its kind in Europe and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Ceramics has been produced in Bolesławiec and its surroundings since the 4th century, and we proudly and honor continue the beautiful tradition of our city.