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Many Towers. Great Views.
Welcome to Bautzen – Witajće k nam!

Bautzen: 2 languages, 8 museums, 17 towers, 20 types of mustard, 80 inner city pubs, more than 200 dinosaurs and over 1000 years of history.
Savour the romantic alleys and sights of the medieval city at all seasons and experience Bautzen with all your senses.
Situated in the heart of the Oberlausitz, between rolling hills and the lakes of the Biosphere Nature Reserve, Bautzen is your starting point for an exciting holiday, full of possibilties. When can we welcome you to Bautzen!

Tourist-Information Bautzen-Budyšin

Hauptmarkt 1
02625 Bautzen

Telefon +49 3591 42016
Telefax +49 3591 327629

A warm welcome to Kamenz!

We are delighted that you are interested in the Lessingstadt Kamenz. Situated not far from Dresden, the capital of Saxony, in the heart of Upper Lusatia, our tourist, cultural attractions and a wide range of other activities offer unforgettable moments and experiences – whether for only a few hours, several days or an entire holiday. You can rediscover the traces of the greatest son of our city, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, at many authentic locations. But also the nearly 800 years of history, its position along the Via Regia and in the Lusatian League, the churches and sacral treasures, the parks containing a botanical treasure trove, the traditional festivals as well as cultural events inevitably cast a spell on everyone. The city’s rich variety of museums contains exhibitions for young and old alike. We wish you a very pleasant stay here.

Tourist-Information Kamenz

501917 Kamenz

Telefon +49 03578 / 379-205
Telefax +49 03578 / 379-291

Hoyerswerda – Holidays and trips
Welcome to the Lusatian Lakeland

There has been a special transformation between Berlin and Dresden: the brown coal mining region has become a holiday paradise. The largest water landscape in Europe created by a human hand is composed of two dozen floodplain lakes and navigable canals. We invite you to spend your time actively in a new holiday region that offers many possibilities: cycling, skateboarding, swimming, boat trips, sailing, meeting with the Lusatian industrial culture and much more.

Touristinformation Hoyerswerda

Braugasse 1
02977 Hoyerswerda

Telefon +49(0)3571 – 2096170
Telefax +49(0)03571 – 2096172

Welcome to…
Bischofswerda, the gate to the Upper Lusatia.

Our website offers many possibilities to better know our town, district and region. Here you can know more about life, culture and free time spending in our region, you would reach information about news and events, and you would recognize Bischofswerda as a place of economic and industrial growth. Bischofswerda is a small, family friendly town, full of charm and tradition. Thanks to the favorable location, on the outskirts of the region of Upper Lusatia and Saxon Switzerland, our town offers interesting opportunities of spending time to inhabitants and guests. Thus, see for yourself, visiting Bischofswerda or browse our website.

Tourist-Service Bischofswerda

Rathaus Bischofswerda

Altmarkt 1
01877 Bischofswerda

Telefon: 03594 786-140
Telefax: 03594 786-149

Welcome to Radeberg or “Beer City” as it is popularly known

Radeberg will soon be 800 years old. Together with the districts of Grosserkmannsdorf, Liegau-Augustusbad and Ullersdorf it is a prosperous medium-sized town with a population of approximately 18,500. Radeberg is not only an excellent place to work, but also a wonderful place to live.

Short distances and beautiful surroundings have influenced the face of the city. It is full of history which can be experienced at Klippenstein Castle, on to the market square and at the Radeberger Exportbier Brewery.

The best way to „discover“ Radeberg is by walking along the “Beer City Trail”.  Radeberg is proud of its nickname “Beer City”. In addition to its famous beer, Radeberg also offers a great deal of culture and “savoir-vivre”.

Rathaus Radeberg mit Tourist-Information

Rathaus Radeberg
Markt 17-19
01454 Radeberg

Telefon: (03528) 450 0
Telefax: (03528) -100

Pulsnitz – The Town of Gingerbread

Thank you for your interest in the town of Pulsnitz and in our institution. The culture and tourism Pulsnitz non-profit Ltd. Is in 100% subsidiary of the town of Pulsnitz and also a contact instutution for City- and Gingerbread Museum, the Pulsnitz Information, the Library, the Market and the marketing support of the city of Pulsnitz. The Pulsnitz Tourist Information staff will be happy to answer to any general question about.


Haus des Gastes
Am Markt 3
01896 Pulsnitz

Telefon: +49 035955-44246
Telefax: 035955-779230

Cunewalde is called „Welcome”

The village Cunewalde is located in the idyllic valley surrounded by the mountain range of the legendary Czorneboh and the Bieleboh in the middle of the Oberlausitzer hilly country between the cities Bautzen and Löbau. For the first time it was documentarily mentioned in 1222. But it originated long before documents show. It is certain that Cunewalde already existed next to the Brettstraße (board street) between Bautzen and Bohemian Zwickau, which was build around 1004. The actual settlement took place in the 13’th century, when Franconian and Thuringian settlers came via Saxony to the Lausitzer hilly country to look for a new home. The colonists came in long tracks with all their belongings they had. They found fertile pastures, crystal- clear water and forests rich in timber to build their first houses. They settled down by a creek in the direction of the mountains to the North and South on both sides of the creek “Cunewalder Wasser” and they cultivated the land into fields.

Tourist-Information Cunewalde

im Eigenbetrieb “Blaue Kugel”
Hauptstraße 97
02733 Cunewalde

Telefon: +49 035877 80888
Telefax: +49 035877 80889

Welcome to Königsbrück

Ladies and Gentelmen,

Under the motto: „Königsbrück – the town of camellia at Via Regia” was created a citizens friendly network, where we offer opportunities to present yourself. Dear Guests from near and far, I warmly welcome you in the town with the words „worth seeing, worth living, worth love”. You will quickly realize, that in Königsbrück the words „FAMILY, LIVING AND NATURE”  are written in large letters, not only on this website. The proximity to the capital of the federal state, Dresden, as well the direct location of the comprehensive nature reserve of the federal state of Saxony, „Königsbrücker Heide”, which is surrounded by numerous bicycle and walking trails, make our town interesting for citizens, fans of nature, wanderers, cyclists and other guests. Besides, thanks to its extraordinary infrastructure Königsbrück is an attractive place to live.


Markt 19 Königsbrück
01936 Deutschland
Telefon: +49 35795 42555
Fax: +49 35795 39338

Projekt „Bautzen i Bolesławiec – dwa powiaty turystyczne!” jest współfinansowany ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego z Programu Interreg Polska-Saksonia 2014-2022 w ramach Funduszu Małych Projektów Euroregionu Nysa

Das Projekt „Bautzen und Bolesławiec – zwei touristische Landkreise!“ wird aus den Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Fonds der Kleinen Projekte
Interreg Polen – Sachsen 2014 – 2022 kofinanziert

„Bauzen and Bolesławiec- two tourist districts”project  is co-financed from the contributions  of the European Regional Development Fund of the Interreg Poland-Saxony 2014-2022 programme  under the Small Projects Fund of the The Neisse-Nisa-Nysa Euroregion (ERN)

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